Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ATC-ing my Life Away

I've been addicted to ATCs for almost a year now, do you believe it? I've done some awesome, and not-so-awesome ones, and have received like in return. Mostly it's been fun.

I'll show you my cute-sy ones first, the dirty ones after.

This was for a "Sea Life" swap on swap-bot.

GIR, from Invader Zim. A Jhonen Vasquez swap that I hosted.

"Hail to the King, Baby" Bruce Campbell for a "We Love Bruce Campbell" swap on swap-bot.

Now on to the more fun ones. (Or the ones that prove I should never have friends or family near me, let alone a husband.) Almost all of these are for the same swap, typically the same person on swap-bot. The "How Dirty Are Your Letters?" swap. 

Letter A is for Anal!

B is for Boner!

C is for CUNT!

D is for Douchebag! As in "Why are you such a HUGE DOUCHEBAG?" I actually made this when a "friend" kept texting me. No, we are not friends. You're a huge tool.

J is for Jizz! I actually think I didn't do too bad on this drawing. I used a picture from 4chan's /d/ thread as a reference picture.

And finally, something not swap related. I gave this to a friend.

After my bachelorette party, my cousin gave me a baggie full of penis-shaped confetti they used on the table. I was trying to think of things to do with it...

As it turns out, "it's raining men" has never been more literal...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Babies, Babies, Everywhere...

I have been gone a really, really, really long time, haven't I?  To be honest, blogspot's new look had me wary of using it for awhile. I eventually got over it and was into full Wedding-mode. (And worked on my Wedding blog for fun...)

And then I got sucked in to baby crafting.

Not for me, mind you, but Josh's friend is finally having a baby.

Here is the over-all basket.
  -TY Beanie Baby zebra
  -Pacifier leash
  -Sippy cup leash
  -Shell stitch baby blanket
  -Teething ring (Pooh Bear)
  -Baby book/scrapbook

The blanket ended up being 36x54".
It's actually the only blanket I've ever made... I'm very proud of it.

They don't know the gender yet, but I love this ribbon. It's very silky feeling. I made a loop, so you can slide the elastic through to wrap it around your stroller or high chair. The elastic will fit any baby bottle/cup.

The silver snap is from a pair of suspenders I bought Josh (that ended up being the wrong color...).
There's a mini snap at the pacifier to interchange them.

The baby book/scrapbook caused me a lot of heartache.

The link provides a word document or PDF file to just print, but I wanted something... More personal. Plus I didn't like the idea of there constantly being white rectangles on every paper.

I designed the pages myself, cut to 8.5x11, printed, and cut into 8x8s. Unfortunately, I used the wrong program, so it looked horrible. I threw those out. I changed the program, looked great, but I accidentally cut everything into 7x7s.
That got tossed as well. Finally, we have the pages below!

I finally was able to give this basket to her today. I'm very pleased with how everything came out in the end.