Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ladies of TV Horror ATCs

Women of TV Horror swaps on swap-bot was pretty fabulous! Well, I think. I got a gorgeous Vampira so far.

Here's my Elvira.

Booooooobs. Forever.


I never watched anything with Vampira, but she doesn't look too bad.

Lily Munster from The Munsters.

And she was a character I enjoyed watching.


Morticia Addams, based on the original 1960's Addams Family, Carolyn Jones.

She was the best looking Morticia, in my opinion.

And here's one of my favorite ATCs for this set of swaps.

Wednesday Addams.

In the original cartoon-y style it was supposed to be.


I forgot to take pictures of the Hermes and Zoidburg from the Futurama Series Round 3... But Hermes was my favorite, I think I nailed the colors on him.

These went out Monday, Wednesday went out to Germany even! Pretty awesome. =D The other four went to the same woman.

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