Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swapping My Heart Away

I don't want to post TOO many spoilers for my swaps... Considering I have about 8 packages/letters to go out on Monday. Huzzah, huzzah!

Journal, Zombie Escape Plan, and Magic the Gathering swap are actual packages, so that leaves 5 actual letters with ATCs to go out. Also, I ran out of stamps. It's a catastrophe.

But anyway, here's an ATC from a Catty Swap on swap-bot. I had two more, so here's the other two...

I'm a big fan of the Christmas cat. =D So cute.

These are done with a mix of prismacolor colored pencils, pen, lovely scrapbook paper, cardstock, and the blending stump.

I received this journal from a lady in Ireland for a journal swap on Livejournal.

Mine is going out Monday, but I decided to spruce it up a bit.
(And she doesn't know my blogspot blog... =D )

It started life as a plain blue notebook from the dollar store...
I was poor and in a hurry when I started it.

It's half full.
Full of ranting and musing and general awesomeness.

And a handmade doodled cover. I'm a fan of it.

Tentacles, because I love tentacles.
Cat, because there's lots of rants about cats.
A pile of poo, because it felt like that's all I was fixing for awhile.
A pile of moving boxes, because I'm STILL going through a million and a half boxes from moving.
Hearts, because occasionally I even wrote that life was good.
Betsy's Bitching... Because that's what I do. =D

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