Monday, December 19, 2011

ABC ATC booklet of Love!

I have been working on this freaking project for over a month. I started doing ATCs, I saw the whole "52 reasons I love you" books, and I was inspired.

ABC ATCs of Love!

Of course, I found that thinking of actual ABC reasons is actually significantly harder than 52 random reasons.


B is for Boobs!

Of course.

What else would B be for?!

O is for OKCupid, the site that brought us together.

That's their logo... Just in case you were curious.

Z is for Zombies. One of the reasons he messaged me, mentioned in his first message to me, actually!

The top of it says BRAINS... in drippy letters. I enjoyed making this.

N is for Naked Bitches, and it was actually one I got in a personal ATC swap from gozer on Craftster. It's beautiful! I can't draw people. But we both approve of naked bitches!

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