Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zombie Make Up Tutorials

It's almost Halloween.
Most people have their costumes by now... But I'm a slacker. And Josh has only celebrated Halloween once, that he remembers. So costumes may be a bit more than ghetto this year...

As I sit here, insomnia on full blast, I think I'll be a zombie for my Halloween party on Tuesday. (Any of my friends that read this are probably shocked.) Wish I would have saved my torn jeans, but, y'know...

So, in light of this, I have decided to share the GREATEST ZOMBIE MAKEUP TUTORIALS OF THE INTERWEBZ!

First up is this very nifty one from 'abandon your idols' on Instructables (which is also a great tutorial site to bounce around frequently).

It's got easy, step-by-step photo directions. Also, most the things needed can be found at a dollar store or CVS/Wal-greens for cheap. And who doesn't love cheap?

The next tutorial is brought from about's section of "DIY Fashion." It's pretty sweet because it includes it's own thing for making "fake skin" along with eight different recipes for fake blood. And who doesn't love different ways to make fake blood?

Enjoyable because it goes in depth with bruising the eyes, painting "sickness marks" with disease outbreaks.

The next tutorial doesn't have a final outcome pictures, but is brought from the site Zombie Place. Their make up tutorial seems to have more household items than any of the tutorials; honey and food coloring for fake blood, tissues glued to your face for the "torn skin" effect...

Of course, there's always the alternative costume... Zombie hunter. Lightly splatter a white t-shirt with fake blood, rip up some old jeans and add dirt, carry a nerf gun spray painted black... Pretty sweet idea, I think.

Josh's costume will consist of me buying a red shirt and using acrylic paint to paint "DRAGON" in big letters and dragon wings on it. I'm productive like that.

(Also, all images were taken from the links provided beside them, they aren't mine.)

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