Friday, October 7, 2011

Significant Other Swap, My Side

My Significant Other Swap Package (left to right, top to bottom):
Extra yarn for fingerless gloves, Scarf, Hat, Woodgrain textured fabric, Call of Duty inspired wall-art (mmm... Brains), Mini grenade keychain, and X-Box 360 controller ornament

It feels like it wasn't much, but the scarf and hat killed me. I screwed the hat up around 4 times and had to restart from the mid-point every time. Bah!
The mini-grenade was inspired from full-sized crochet grenades on Craftster and modified to be keychain size. The 360 controller was inspired from an etsy post...
The woodgrain fabric was supposed to go to make a wallet, but I couldn't find a satisfactory pattern online and then my sewing machine is being screwy. Then my mom's was disassembled and I had less than 12 hours to make it... Without a prototype... It made me uncomfortable.

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