Monday, October 24, 2011

Awaiting a Letter to Hogwarts...

So this is a pretty sweet hoopla, inspired from QuirkieCraft's piece. I modified it a bit (or a lot... Whatever...).

I liked the idea of it not being a "letter" tied to his leg, but a scroll. As I imagine scrolls are easier to tie to an owl's leg than a letter.

The mandatory "work in progress" shot. Most things all pinned down and in place. And obviously still able to be modified.

I'm actually proud of the stitching on the wings. The right wing being my best work, I think. Who knew I embroidered better at 2am than anything else?
And the awesome little bow holding the letter to the owl's leg.

Yeah, I like this hoopla.


  1. Really nice creations! Congrats!

    dodothe fairy (Check out my Blog #4)

  2. Wow! This is sooo cool! I'm a huge potter head!

    I am ryuluna from swap-bot~!