Monday, October 17, 2011

21st Birthday Post

My birthday was yesterday. Not just any birthday, but my 21st birthday. As far as birthday's go, it was pretty sweet. My sister bought me this sweet Batman ice cream cake.
My parent's bought me dunkaroos and an awesome new craft book.
Along with a lot of alcohol. And cake.
Midafternoon was Emily, Josh, and I's adventure to the orchard with a petting zoo. Which sucked this year.

After all of this, my parents met Josh and I up at the casino. Where I lost about $50 after all was said and done and still ended up with more money than when I went in. =D

And to end this post properly, here's a picture of my cat proving he loves my dad more than me now.


<3 Kitteh!


  1. Batman cakes is fun-tastic! :-)

    dodothe fairy (Check out my Blog #4)

  2. Happy Birthday! Mine was the 23rd...I turned 32. Your Batman cake is pretty awesome! Hope you have a great week!

    lostinavalon @ swapbot

  3. woah woah woah woah- Hold up. They still make Dunkaroos?

    Anyhwho! I turned 21 in May. It's a lot of fun :p. Happy (late) birthday!!

    I am ryuluna from swap-bot~!