Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I tried a meatloaf recipe I found online. I am a fan of homemade meatloaf...
This was a little sweeter than I anticipated, but it was good. (In my opinion, anyway...)
Of course, I'm a fan of For the Love of Cooking's blog. Full of delicious recipes, some actually pretty easy and not just for a gourmet cook! And then there's always My Baking Addiction for dessert.

For a swap I'm attempting to make a hat. Now, every time I make a hat, even if I follow the pattern, I feel like the gauge from it is too big... I'm using the Manly Hat pattern found at Gateaux et Bisous.

I always crochet hats and think "WHY IS MY HEAD SO BIG?!" (in GIR fashion), put the hat on, and it droops off. -_- Really, hands, really? So this time I whipped out the measuring tape and measured the width as I went around. I cut off at Round 9, so I have 70 around instead of 80... We'll see if/how it turns out...

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