Monday, September 12, 2011

Joshua is Part Cat

So yesterday I was going to write a blog post about my boyfriend falling down the stairs to his apartment and landing on his feet like a cat. But then I was like "Maybe I blog too much. I've written 230 posts in 13 months... It's probably a lot. It FEELS like a lot. It feels like I do nothing but blog.

So I brought this fact up to my boyfriend...
And all he says is "The fact that you know what qualifies as "a lot of blog posts" makes me judge you a little... But that's not really a lot of posts... A post a day. Every other day, maybe..."
I was like "But there are times that I post 3 or 5 times a day..."

So anyway.

Yes, my boyfriend fell down the stairs.
Oddly, he managed to fall, turn, and still stay on his feet.
He was able to land on his feet and run face first into the door below.
Face planting into the door below while laughing.
All I hear is "THUD-THUD-THUD!" and manage to watch him fall into the door.

At this point I realize my boyfriend is part cat.
Probably like a half cat, half man...

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