Sunday, August 7, 2011

Release the Kraken!

I love nerdy things.
Because I'm a female, I'm genetically modified to love Tetris. (See brentalfloss's Tetris... With Lyrics video on Youtube.)

Because I'm a sap, I found this online and had to make it.
It's adorable and nerdy and it's TETRIS!
It's also small, so it was a quick start-to-finish project that ended up being maybe 2 by 3 inches big. Awesome, right?

My boyfriend made a comment to my mom about having nothing hanging up in his apartment.
Since I'm in a crafty streak... That's bound to change.
Because today... I whipped up the best inside joke I have with him in one work sitting.

"Release the Kracken!"
Because nothing says "perfect boyfriend" like tentacle porn... And the best/biggest inside joke evar. <3

Tetris will be framed. The Kraken will be staying on the hoop. I'm lazy and poor like that. And a BAMF.

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