Friday, August 5, 2011

Joshua: My Sleep Talker

My boyfriend is a sleep talker, kicker, whatever. He has the hypnotic jerks of someone having a seizure. Sometimes this brings me amusement. Sometimes I accidentally wake him up by talking back to him, mistaking him for being awake. Sometimes he daydreams and responds out loud.

Joshua: If they try to give me a snuggle-ectomy... Kill me.
Me: Will do... o.O

I don't give a damn. I do what I want.
What are you talking about?
I've only got 12 rounds of Magic left...
Who plays 12 rounds of Magic?!
I do!...

Stoned giggling is brought on by the fact that everything is funny... Post-coitus giggling is brought on because the world. Is. Awesome.

Fuck everybody, I'm a chipmunk.

He realizes that I've been in bed finally, cuddles up really close. It's cute. There is no greeting, I just hear
Kitteh mode: Activate... Nudge. (Where he pushes his head against my cheek) Nuzzle. (Rubs his cheek against mine) ... Molest?... (Grabs a boob, while laughing.)
I don't remember my kitty's molesting me...
All kitteh's molest.
Know what's great? I'm going to wake up and make fun of you for this and you won't remember.
*laughter* Probably true...

A daydream scenario goes something like this...
Me too. Mine were about this long. *holds up thumb and pointer finger close together*
Uh... What?
Weren't you talking to me?
Not just now...
*looks at me* Didn't you say you had weird dreams last night? I swear you did...
*laughter* No, I did not. Haha. That's hilarious.

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