Friday, August 12, 2011

A Conundrum, Me Thinks

This is a list of possible Halloween themes at one of the Cirilla's I work at...

Now, in red we have the theme "STRIPPER". This is apparently acceptable.
However, in black is "MAIDS" and "OFFICE TRAMPS", followed by the word "TASTEFUL". These are apparently unacceptable ideas.
But stripper as a theme is acceptable? I'm completely confused as to how the least clothed option is not only second on the least, but everything else must be a tasteful option...

My ideas were generic... And how I like them. "ZOMBIES", "FANTASY (ex: Vampire, mummy, fairy, etc)"... "VAMPIRES" may have been it's own option as well, I mean we do carry the fangs at work...

I worked Halloween last year, if I'm made to work Halloween this year I'm requesting mornings or off completely. I do not want to work nights, I want to party this year. I'll be 21 and I'll find something amazing to wear! Or I'll make it.

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