Friday, July 1, 2011

Picture Spamming!

Today was amazing, did I mention that?

This is me and Heather before the actual doors opened to other people (VIP had an entire hour of alone time... But Nivek Ogre from Skinny Puppies and Repo! the Genetic Opera said it was over-rated).

Speaking of Nivek Ogre... He is quite the cuddly man! I mean, yes, he's in a band. But he's very approachable with his personality. It was refreshing.

He said if he wasn't leaving Sunday he'd visit the store! ;) Haha!

This is Bill Mosley, who played in House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and Repo! the Genetic Opera!
This man is amaaaaazing. And incredibly approachable.
Found that amazing, as well! The two of them both play in Repo! and were incredibly fun to get pictures with!

And this is Terrance Zdunich! He played Graverobber in Repo! the Genetic Opera and was their writer and composer of the original play.
He charged more for a photo/autograph/picture than almost anyone there. It was kinda ridiculous.
But he did talk a lot. About himself. And his comic books.

I was making lovey eyes at Michael Myers.
Of course, he was just a random dude in cosplay.
But I still wanted to make lovely googly eyes!

This is my (and Heather's) future husband, Doctor Ivan Cryptosis!
He's a doctor, it's a good idea, right?!

This picture is from Asylum Weddings!
A very fun, alternative wedding coordination team!
I may just go to them, honestly. I would love something like this!

All of my lovely loot!
Includes autographed pictures, ads, business cards, button, Freddy Kruger keychain, photos, and rag... And my engagement ring! =P

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