Sunday, July 3, 2011

*insert excited squee here?*

I have had this tab opened for like... An hour and a half. Wanting to just rant and rave like a crazy person about the nice time I had tonight. And then the thought of "My readers will hate my vagina moment" comes to thought. Or what if someone else reads it?
But, fuck everybody; this is MY blog and MY awesomeness in it and MY need to write.

So I get to work, since I cannot be ANY EARLIER than 11am on Sundays...
And my computer is showing a completely black, blank screen instead of the usual "SUCCESSFUL, SUCCESSFUL" stuff. Not awesome. Call Sandy, who calls back saying it'll be almost an HOUR before they can fix it.
I have an HOUR until the store OPENS. Also not awesome. At this point I decide, fuck it, I have an hour. Let's knock out some inventory. At 11:45, I can print paperwork. Huzzah, they've managed to fix the computer! I quit inventory at 2. It was boring, what can I say? And I work tomorrow. Not like anyone will be in for a LONG time tomorrow...
And now, my frustration is that the screen goes into sleep-mode after 15 to 20 minutes of inactivity. It makes it a bitch to check out since it takes time to turn back on... By then, people are tapping their foot or just flat-out staring at me like this was the biggest injustice, I'm completely inept at working the register, type of things going on... Frustrating. For all parties involved, honestly. So I leave a note. I'm sure that will go over well.

Since I opened, I got to leave at 4:10, so Katt has adequate hours to work full time. Blah, blah, blah... I think I'm there until 4:15, when we step outside for Katt to smoke and talk like usual when Joshua comes up.
Joshua's adorable and very nice on the eyes. I have a hard time not looking at him, it's embarrassing, so I stop looking. (What a conundrum, huh!)
We get in the car, as we have yet to decide where we'll actually be eating at.
Me: "Where are we going?"
Him: "Where do you want to go?"
Me: "No. Where are we going?"
He laughs and starts driving. We end up at Steak-N-Shake, because we are some classy people. And because we ended up saying it's where both of us usually ended up when going out with friends. (Very true statement; ask Heather, Corey, or Erik...) When we left, we got in the car and he started chuckling at something, I'm not sure he told me the truth. (=P) He then turned to me and said "Would you mind if I kissed you?" To which I said something like "Of course not." And... Y'know. ;)

Next up was a park. Except we ended up walking around a path on his grandmother's land. It was so relaxing. Very peaceful.
It reminded me of my grandparent's place, but less... Less trees, I suppose. And since I love their house more than anything... It was very nice to walk around and just talk. And rant. And whatever.
After that, we ended up walking trails through the Fortville Memorial Park. Also nice, once you got passed the graffiti, of course.
I suppose it's the company that made it fantastic.
Possibly the cutest, but lamest thing to ever exit my mouth is about to be written here. We walk to a secluded, forgotten, broken little covered picnic area where at first we're just looking at it. I grab his hand and pull him up onto the concrete and just walk, staring at the broken parts of the ceiling. I hide us in the shadey part of it, as it's hotter than sin outside. And we just... Danced. Haha, I know, I am incredibly lame. I'd say it was more like swaying, but still... Dancing outside, in the hot, hot humidity, and nothing but the lovely sounds of nature and a creek near by. It was very calming. I loved it, considering how high-strung I'd been lately.

Anyway, Dairy Queen for refreshments before one of us dies from overheating... And more talking. Of course, by now we're taking my happy ass back to me vehicle.
Did I mention his car was nice? No? I should have. It was a lot more roomier than Corey's Mustang or Camero...

And now to work tomorrow night (FML, second year in a row, yay me...) and a movie date Tuesday!

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