Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today I realized an exciting fact! One of my favorite blogs EVAR is following me. (The Trouble with Crafting!) Which then made me realize I don't post half the stuff I craft anymore. Of course, I'm completely stuck on one of them... But I have a solution for it!

Also, school started Monday. I started writing huge amounts of notes for the first chapter. It's probably overkill, but... I really don't want to fail this course. And I need to read my business chapter... I did all the other little assignments, just not the reading to do the quiz. (Easy first, right?)

I want to make myself a pencil rollup thing. I think that's what I'll be making next time I stop at home.

I'm finally finishing my Ninni for the Ninni Swap tonight at work. Well, sewing him together. Stuffing him will have to be done when I get off work...
I gave the first Ninni I finished to Patricia... Well, second Ninni I finished. I have one for a friend's baby with no details to it.

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