Thursday, June 2, 2011


We all know the internet is full of amazing wonders and I enjoy being inspired.

Though I'm usually inspired by other people's things...

Anyway! This is one of those things.
I want to have a Halloween party or some reason to do this. Because it's freaking awesome.
I started watching Doctor Who about a week ago. And since I started watching the first and half of the second season of the 2005 reboot... I have seen three different Dalek episodes. And I must say that so far, they make me giggle. A lot.



 (For the pictures, I just googled 'Dalek Cosplay.')

The other idea I had was the Weeping Angel. (Don't blink!) I just... I'm not a fan of masks. Or body paint.

Hell, I can't even sew, so looking at these costumes is about all I can do.

Plus. Not like I have anything to do for them.

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