Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ace of Spade

As of this time, this picture has a lot of placeholders.
The thing in the top left? Placeholder of their logo.
The big white block on the right? Placeholder for a group employee picture.
But this is a simplistic website design for Ace of Spade in Greenfield. (Fantastic place, by the way!)

The Portfolio section.
Placeholders: the left white box is for the picture of who it's featuring
The text above the white box, their name and what they do
The white box to the right, the black boxes inside are placeholders for pictures of the featured person's work

The "about us" part of the website. A picture of their building I ripped from Facebook...
And just placeholder text until I got what they wanted to be put there. Hopefully would make the page look not-so-naked...

Finally, the "contact us" section...
No placeholders except for the logo...
But the bottom and right area of this page seem a bit naked. Hopefully getting more information about what they'd want will make it not so bad!

I got a tattoo touched up on my foot from Ace of Space on Tuesday, after being horribly sick most of Monday and Tuesday morning...
I'm going to print these bitches and bring them in to them (mainly Brandon first, the guy that did my tattoo!) the shop for a review if they'd like them, what information they'd actually like to see on there, etc...

Wish me luck!

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