Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bloody Headband!

I started with all this...

I ended with this...

I may see if my boo will straighten my hair so you can see more detail tomorrow! <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ace of Spade, Try Dos!

This is the homepage of try two, inspired off a design rough draft thrown at me by the lovely Patricia. I just kind of went off of that and into more detail.

Kind of self explanatory from here...
I didn't make any other webpages for it, after all, why put effort into 4 or 5 more designs if I'm looking for a critique? Duh.

Same layout as above, different text, different layout style...

Now... Critique!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ace of Spade

As of this time, this picture has a lot of placeholders.
The thing in the top left? Placeholder of their logo.
The big white block on the right? Placeholder for a group employee picture.
But this is a simplistic website design for Ace of Spade in Greenfield. (Fantastic place, by the way!)

The Portfolio section.
Placeholders: the left white box is for the picture of who it's featuring
The text above the white box, their name and what they do
The white box to the right, the black boxes inside are placeholders for pictures of the featured person's work

The "about us" part of the website. A picture of their building I ripped from Facebook...
And just placeholder text until I got what they wanted to be put there. Hopefully would make the page look not-so-naked...

Finally, the "contact us" section...
No placeholders except for the logo...
But the bottom and right area of this page seem a bit naked. Hopefully getting more information about what they'd want will make it not so bad!

I got a tattoo touched up on my foot from Ace of Space on Tuesday, after being horribly sick most of Monday and Tuesday morning...
I'm going to print these bitches and bring them in to them (mainly Brandon first, the guy that did my tattoo!) the shop for a review if they'd like them, what information they'd actually like to see on there, etc...

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ninni Madness!

This is my 200th post! Post a comment below to have a chance to win a personalized embroidery from me! =D Do it!

The ninni I received is a Steampunk robot. =D 
With a hilarious buttflap. Definitely. I love the gears.
The ninni I sent looks kind of stupid compared to the one she sent... But I enjoyed him regardless.

Craft Night

Heather invited me over for a craft night, so instead of driving home to drive back later... I drove to her place after work.
This sight greeted me; Chris and Heather playing Lego Pirates. (Which is fun to watch!)

I've missed her. And Chris.
Craft nights are usually quite enjoyable, too! I can't wait.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today I realized an exciting fact! One of my favorite blogs EVAR is following me. (The Trouble with Crafting!) Which then made me realize I don't post half the stuff I craft anymore. Of course, I'm completely stuck on one of them... But I have a solution for it!

Also, school started Monday. I started writing huge amounts of notes for the first chapter. It's probably overkill, but... I really don't want to fail this course. And I need to read my business chapter... I did all the other little assignments, just not the reading to do the quiz. (Easy first, right?)

I want to make myself a pencil rollup thing. I think that's what I'll be making next time I stop at home.

I'm finally finishing my Ninni for the Ninni Swap tonight at work. Well, sewing him together. Stuffing him will have to be done when I get off work...
I gave the first Ninni I finished to Patricia... Well, second Ninni I finished. I have one for a friend's baby with no details to it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We all know the internet is full of amazing wonders and I enjoy being inspired.

Though I'm usually inspired by other people's things...

Anyway! This is one of those things.
I want to have a Halloween party or some reason to do this. Because it's freaking awesome.
I started watching Doctor Who about a week ago. And since I started watching the first and half of the second season of the 2005 reboot... I have seen three different Dalek episodes. And I must say that so far, they make me giggle. A lot.



 (For the pictures, I just googled 'Dalek Cosplay.')

The other idea I had was the Weeping Angel. (Don't blink!) I just... I'm not a fan of masks. Or body paint.

Hell, I can't even sew, so looking at these costumes is about all I can do.

Plus. Not like I have anything to do for them.