Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rambling of Sorts

(Left: Photo from a post on Craftster. Right: Photo from this post on Craftster.)

I am dying for a cat. Anyone who's really talked to me about pets lately probably knows this. Actually, anyone who has really talked to me at all recently probably knows this.

But I live in a studio. I work some stupid hours. I'm never home. What if my apartment found out I didn't pay the $200 safety deposit for a cat? Blah, blah, blah... Maybe if I (a.) get a better paying job or (b.) find a roommate that doesn't suck I may invest in a cat. Until then I cat dream. And plot. And create. And scour craigslist to be sad at all the too-cute kittens who need me to adopt them because they're free. ;_;

However, I also tell myself I want a puppy or small dog. That I'd exercise more since I'd be taking it on walks/outside-ness. But. Really? I work 5 to midnight. Crating a dog or cleaning after one after that long sounds like suck.

Like I said, I live in a studio.
When Steven lived with me, it was basically Steven's with some of my furniture.
When Corey lived here, it was NEVER clean.
Now it's me. And I'm awesome. And not a neat freak, per say... But it is CLEAN! And I love it. I actually wanna be in it, how unusual.

I'm still working on Muk/Grimer... No lies, I've made like | | <- that much progress since the first time.
I'm almost done with a commissioned piece, however. Which is sad.

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