Monday, May 23, 2011

A Progression of Sorts

My mom's birthday was Sunday, the 22nd.
I was at work from 11am to 5pm, and had a 45 minute drive home.
Around 3pm I start getting picture texts. Of cakes. -_- I'm sad, I want cake, I'm starving!

Let me remind you, I work in an adult store.
I found my mom's birthday gift IN the adult store while at work.
I sent this picture with "Be afraid." (I thought it was funny, apparently so did most of my mom's side of the family.)

What was this mysterious gift, you ask?
A puzzle book called 'Where's Dildo?'!

I have been working on this as a commissioned piece for a friend, who is a nursing student with a zombie obsession (it rivals mine! =O ).
There's going to be a biohazard sign in front of the text, but you don't realize what a BITCH that is to draw in pixels, do you?

This is all the progress I have made on my Pokequilt! I'm pathetic. And all of that was done Sunday at work! But it is something. And I like how it's going! I'm going to do a HUGE patch of the green soon. Kinda dreading that. XD

In the meantime, I re-downloaded GuildWars. I need a hobby other than work. And crafting. >.> (Then school will start and I'll die a little, so I'll need it.)

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