Monday, May 23, 2011

A Progression of Sorts

My mom's birthday was Sunday, the 22nd.
I was at work from 11am to 5pm, and had a 45 minute drive home.
Around 3pm I start getting picture texts. Of cakes. -_- I'm sad, I want cake, I'm starving!

Let me remind you, I work in an adult store.
I found my mom's birthday gift IN the adult store while at work.
I sent this picture with "Be afraid." (I thought it was funny, apparently so did most of my mom's side of the family.)

What was this mysterious gift, you ask?
A puzzle book called 'Where's Dildo?'!

I have been working on this as a commissioned piece for a friend, who is a nursing student with a zombie obsession (it rivals mine! =O ).
There's going to be a biohazard sign in front of the text, but you don't realize what a BITCH that is to draw in pixels, do you?

This is all the progress I have made on my Pokequilt! I'm pathetic. And all of that was done Sunday at work! But it is something. And I like how it's going! I'm going to do a HUGE patch of the green soon. Kinda dreading that. XD

In the meantime, I re-downloaded GuildWars. I need a hobby other than work. And crafting. >.> (Then school will start and I'll die a little, so I'll need it.)

The Easy(ish) Solutions

Going back to talking about eating cheap...
Soda is incredibly expensive AND hard on your body. (Trust me, I would know...) You need the caffeine rush, you're dying for it.
Did you know apples have just as much caffeine as a regular soda? No? Well, it's true. =P If you're trying to cut out caffeine, you need to cut down on apple consumption. If you want to cut out soda, but have a caffeine addiction? Add an apple or two! They're cheaper than soda and full of delicious natural sugars.

Spearmint and peppermint can be used as a appetite suppressant. So drinking peppermint tea when trying to make it through a meal would be easier. Or even spearmint gum!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Poor Kid's Diet

College is hard. Being broke with a shitty job or just living on student loans and government funding is hard.
Lately, just living and being an honest working Samaritan is a pain in the ass for anyone.

Being hard pressed for time between classes, homework, studying, being social, and having a job in one measly week can leave you exhausted. Maybe you crave the ease and success of a McDonald's one dollar hamburger. Maybe you want and feel the need to reward yourself with a greasy, fatty, completely unhealthy burger or taco. It's right down the road from your house. You don't need to cook and dirty dishes. You don't need to worry about it, it's on your way home. It may cost 3 bucks, but that's okay, right?

Not if you don't have that $3 to spare!

Ramen is easily one of the most college diet oriented foods known. It's simple, freeze dried noodles. Add to boiling water. Let noodles absorb. Break open package and stir. Costs an entire 30 cents! (The other $2 goes to your energy drink, duh!)

The Official Ramen Homepage has a lot of random information on it, including some recipes. But a few sites you really need to hit for Ramen recipes is RamenliciousCollege Survival Guide: Part 1, or Budget101's Ramen section. CSG and Budget101 both offer around 50 or so ways to cook Ramen. From especially easy recipes to deserts and snacks. Ramenlicious offers Healthy, traditional Japanese, Extreme, and Quick sections for recipes. It's easy to navigate, which is a plus when you're an exhausted, hungry college student.
Some of the cooler (and simpler) Ramen recipes come from a Ram Charger forum! Located here, it's easily some of the coolest and most creative simple recipes! A lot of them are guys, bachelors, or retired Army men!

Now let's move away from Ramen, shall we? By the time most people graduate college they never want to see or think of a Ramen noodle again.

DieselKoala had the brilliant idea of boiling a bag of rice + bouillon cube + stir fry veggies.  Or a can of green beans and bacon bits sauteed in a dab of butter.

Squidoo has the "Essential College Student Cooking Kit" listed, along with recommended cookbooks, and their opinion of  the Top 10 Easiest Recipes (more like just healthy, not too sure on the easy part...).
YumYum takes Squidoos Essential List and expands it. They don't only have utensils, but also spices and definitions to cookbooks (including what broiling does to most meats). They have an extensive recipe list from deserts to vegetarian, from appetizers to ethnic. All relatively quick and simple. even has a 'college budget' section. (A lot of them being microwave reliant, but really... Whatever, right?)
Super College Chef is another blog, sorta like this one, where she tells you easy recipes. She may not update all the time, but she has been around for awhile and some are even more recent entries (which is so nice to see!). And they look delicious, which makes up for a lack of posting.

Eating healthy is hard enough, eating healthy while in college is nearly impossible. (Hell, eating more than once a day seems like an impossible task!) There are many resources to the internet, including people who want to help you be healthy, easier, and cheaper. Getting creative with your food is a luxurious task no one thinks they have time for.
Plus, there's always couponing if you're still broke. ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rambling of Sorts

(Left: Photo from a post on Craftster. Right: Photo from this post on Craftster.)

I am dying for a cat. Anyone who's really talked to me about pets lately probably knows this. Actually, anyone who has really talked to me at all recently probably knows this.

But I live in a studio. I work some stupid hours. I'm never home. What if my apartment found out I didn't pay the $200 safety deposit for a cat? Blah, blah, blah... Maybe if I (a.) get a better paying job or (b.) find a roommate that doesn't suck I may invest in a cat. Until then I cat dream. And plot. And create. And scour craigslist to be sad at all the too-cute kittens who need me to adopt them because they're free. ;_;

However, I also tell myself I want a puppy or small dog. That I'd exercise more since I'd be taking it on walks/outside-ness. But. Really? I work 5 to midnight. Crating a dog or cleaning after one after that long sounds like suck.

Like I said, I live in a studio.
When Steven lived with me, it was basically Steven's with some of my furniture.
When Corey lived here, it was NEVER clean.
Now it's me. And I'm awesome. And not a neat freak, per say... But it is CLEAN! And I love it. I actually wanna be in it, how unusual.

I'm still working on Muk/Grimer... No lies, I've made like | | <- that much progress since the first time.
I'm almost done with a commissioned piece, however. Which is sad.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So this is my finished commission piece... The typography is asymmetrical, but that's kind of how I roll. Asymmetrical is awesome, you know? Haha.

Now I just need a frame... And it's done! =D