Monday, April 25, 2011

Tonight's Project

The wall in my apartment was boring.

Okay, I admit, I mostly stole this after seeing Color Me Katie's blog on color in her apartment. Hers was obviously much more organized, but I loved it.
I went home this weekend and got a few boxes of photos I had lying around.

I have graduation(ish) pictures, family photos, vacation to North Carolina, drawings, pervy interpretation drawings of me, REALLY old high school friend photos, Renissance Faire photos (Indy and Ohio)... Everything, really, that I want to remember.

The funny part about this?
I haven't printed any photos in almost a year. This is all just backstock I had. And not even all of it!

One of my favorite photos was of my then-in-her-90s great grandmother swinging at the Clifford knockoff piƱata my grandparent's picked up for my sister's birthday in Mexico.

Y'know, back when my family got along long enough to actually enjoy themselves.

... Now that I think about it, it has been a long time since any of my family just relaxed and took a joke...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Skull Appreciation Day

Skull appreciation day!
(Because yes, there is a holiday for everything!)

So it took me less than 45 minutes to draw this and make it. I am a slow stitcher apparently...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The New Stuff

So my darling friend Komodo was being sweet and asked me "Have you made anything recently?" And I'm sure he was shocked at my response of "Actually, I have!"

Two entirely handstitched pillows.
One's even a basic quilt-y type, because I'd like to get a feel for what I'm doing before I go blundering through it.

First we have the fail-dino embroidery. With not dino-fleece, but repti-fleece. Because if I bought any more fabric, my box of fabric will explode and rebel.
This is the "I just pieced it together" picture. Right now it's inside out, getting the back sewn to it before I stuff it.

I will update with a picture of the pillow whenever it gets done. Probably tomorrow at work.

This, dolls, is a bloodstain.
It just really, really sucks.
I plan to have a bedroom theme of zombie-esque things.
This included.

Other things include this BIG ASS QUILT I will do in purple and green material. The back is the best part. I'm buying red fabric dye and a white sheet and making it look like blood-splatter and artillery spray and bloody handprints... All over the white sheet.

When combined with the purple/green/black top, the bloodstained sheet makes a perfect accessory to my insanity that will be my new room!