Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Got Your Head in the Clouuuuuuds...

I write a lot about Corey. As I'm reading through this blog, I realize that my blog isn't mine at all!
So I'm going to change that. As of now. It's mine again. Reclaim!

I have goals for this year. Weird, right?
1. Lose 80 pounds by January 2012
(I've already lost 15 since December. Woo!)
2. I'm going to make my and Diesel's sex advice/toy(or porn/lube) blog popular!
(We have 5 followers after just 3 posts. Yay!)
3. I will get a second job.
(Technically already accomplished, I am now working at a second Cirilla's location!)
4. I will to go back to school. Baaaadly.
(I've submitted all my paperwork and such, now it's up to them.)

Why saying "I will" and not "I want?"
That's simple! Saying "I will" will actually get things done. "I want" has never done anything. It just states a fact, then I get over it. With "I will", I feel obligated.
Why stop at 4?
Honestly? Ran out of goals. Minus the really easy ones I've been challenging myself with.
Ex: No soda. (Okay, okay, reduced soda intake.) No fast food. (Once again, cut down. Not out. More likely to binge eat if completely taken out.)
Sex toy/lube/porn review blog?
Yeah. It'll also probably turn into an advice column. Me and Diesel work with it anyway, why not let people know what they'll actually find worth using! Yes, men, there will even be some things for you!

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