Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Ideas

Here is the original post, but I realize there are enough of my friends who are broke this Valentine's Day, that maybe linking and posting my favorites may motivate others...
Plus, I'm only putting the ones I think are really cute ideas. Check out the link for the others.

Gather some pencils and paper and sketch each other -- at the same time. The artwork can be silly or serious.
For some really weird reason, I think this is absolutely an adorable idea. I think it would also work as a first date thing, but who knows. I just really think it's effing cute.

Take pictures together. Go to a park, play in the snow, take a walk, whatever, just take some photos together. It's fun to make memories and pictures say a thousand words.
Another really cute idea, considering I LOVE taking pictures... And really, I love looking at pictures. Always brings back memories.

Read to each other, whether it's poetry or a spooky story. 
>.> Maybe I'm lame, but I LOVE being read to. I have a thing for voices, really...
Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee read to me through the phone will put me in a happy sleep place nothing else compares to... (I'm completely weird, I'm aware, but I'm sure you are too, by now at least.)

Snuggle under a blanket for a movie.
Duh. Simple and totally under-rated now-a-days. Cuddling is a lot art no one appreciates anymore.

What's great? Oh, this doesn't work JUST for Valentine's Day. But who doesn't love a free date idea?
Not only that, these work in ANY day situations.
Just randomly bust out some paper and pencils or your camera. Who needs a special day to make memories with someone you cherish?
Appreciate each other, people. Love is taken advantage of and abused in this society lately. Quit that. Do something sweet for the other. Show them you still care. It's not that hard.

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