Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doomy, doomy, doom!

What have I got
that makes you want to love me?
Is it my body?
Or someone I might be?
Or somethin' inside me?

So listening to the sound of a screaming baby at 1:30 am suuuuucks...

I have been working my ASS OFF on this guy.
Stress makes me make things.
And he was the first thing I really wanted to do with a crochet hook since my tentacle scarf...

So he HAD to be made.
Especially since I've had this pattern for like 5+ years...

Carlo, DieselKoala's baby, grabbed GIR off the kitchen table and cuddled him until Carlo went back to bed.
Can we say AWWW?
Baby approved!

And me, of course. Because I was so proud of him!

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