Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doomy, doomy, doom!

What have I got
that makes you want to love me?
Is it my body?
Or someone I might be?
Or somethin' inside me?

So listening to the sound of a screaming baby at 1:30 am suuuuucks...

I have been working my ASS OFF on this guy.
Stress makes me make things.
And he was the first thing I really wanted to do with a crochet hook since my tentacle scarf...

So he HAD to be made.
Especially since I've had this pattern for like 5+ years...

Carlo, DieselKoala's baby, grabbed GIR off the kitchen table and cuddled him until Carlo went back to bed.
Can we say AWWW?
Baby approved!

And me, of course. Because I was so proud of him!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trouble 'N' Mischief

I've gone a bit insane with the Valentine's Day cards, I admit. But they are effin' cute...

I'm working on a new color layout and banner for one of the other blogs, Trouble'N'Mischief, the sex blog.
Bright blue with a darker purple.
Just waiting on Diesel to draw us up so I can throw us in the right lower corner...
Valentine's Day is busy for us both, y'know.
Plus I made our schedule, which will be posted directly under the banner.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's so awesome... 
Wish my Illustrator skills didn't suck so hard. But y'know. Suck it and all that...

Free Ideas

Here is the original post, but I realize there are enough of my friends who are broke this Valentine's Day, that maybe linking and posting my favorites may motivate others...
Plus, I'm only putting the ones I think are really cute ideas. Check out the link for the others.

Gather some pencils and paper and sketch each other -- at the same time. The artwork can be silly or serious.
For some really weird reason, I think this is absolutely an adorable idea. I think it would also work as a first date thing, but who knows. I just really think it's effing cute.

Take pictures together. Go to a park, play in the snow, take a walk, whatever, just take some photos together. It's fun to make memories and pictures say a thousand words.
Another really cute idea, considering I LOVE taking pictures... And really, I love looking at pictures. Always brings back memories.

Read to each other, whether it's poetry or a spooky story. 
>.> Maybe I'm lame, but I LOVE being read to. I have a thing for voices, really...
Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee read to me through the phone will put me in a happy sleep place nothing else compares to... (I'm completely weird, I'm aware, but I'm sure you are too, by now at least.)

Snuggle under a blanket for a movie.
Duh. Simple and totally under-rated now-a-days. Cuddling is a lot art no one appreciates anymore.

What's great? Oh, this doesn't work JUST for Valentine's Day. But who doesn't love a free date idea?
Not only that, these work in ANY day situations.
Just randomly bust out some paper and pencils or your camera. Who needs a special day to make memories with someone you cherish?
Appreciate each other, people. Love is taken advantage of and abused in this society lately. Quit that. Do something sweet for the other. Show them you still care. It's not that hard.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards

I vectorized these images from SpookyPooky's original artwork. They were just too cute not to! Really, check her's out. They're more artistically done, since they're scanned in original art. <3 But I vectorized them, because that's what I like doing. Plus I added a few extra Betsy touches.

"Your Love Drives Me Insane"
Hehe, I thought I was clever... I'm so lame...

"I'd Be Lost Without You"
Because damn, I am so lame.

Zombie Girl
"I'm Glad I've Got Your Heart!"
Collaboration effort between DieselKoala and myself!

I have a date after work Monday. >.>
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't totally excited about it.
He's pretty awesome so far! Haha. I enjoy talking to him. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I made a dysfunctional, disfigured, probably handicapped snowman. 

However, I sent him (AKA this picture) to an adorable guy that couldn't make one on his balcony. =P 
Because after he mentioned making one, I realized I had never made one before! =O Woah. I needed to fix that immediately.

Kudos to DieselKoala for the Hi-Def, kick ass photo.

You Got Your Head in the Clouuuuuuds...

I write a lot about Corey. As I'm reading through this blog, I realize that my blog isn't mine at all!
So I'm going to change that. As of now. It's mine again. Reclaim!

I have goals for this year. Weird, right?
1. Lose 80 pounds by January 2012
(I've already lost 15 since December. Woo!)
2. I'm going to make my and Diesel's sex advice/toy(or porn/lube) blog popular!
(We have 5 followers after just 3 posts. Yay!)
3. I will get a second job.
(Technically already accomplished, I am now working at a second Cirilla's location!)
4. I will to go back to school. Baaaadly.
(I've submitted all my paperwork and such, now it's up to them.)

Why saying "I will" and not "I want?"
That's simple! Saying "I will" will actually get things done. "I want" has never done anything. It just states a fact, then I get over it. With "I will", I feel obligated.
Why stop at 4?
Honestly? Ran out of goals. Minus the really easy ones I've been challenging myself with.
Ex: No soda. (Okay, okay, reduced soda intake.) No fast food. (Once again, cut down. Not out. More likely to binge eat if completely taken out.)
Sex toy/lube/porn review blog?
Yeah. It'll also probably turn into an advice column. Me and Diesel work with it anyway, why not let people know what they'll actually find worth using! Yes, men, there will even be some things for you!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sewing Made Easy

It's a condom case! Everyone knows they want one, now you'll be able to make your own!

It all starts with cutting a rectangle in your choice fabric.
I thought this would be perfect for mine today.
Pin the fabric inside out, leave the "top" open, so you don't just keep going and sew it shut as well!
Up, over, other side through, around, repeat... Pillow stitch or something like that. =P
I'll teach how to put a ribbon in next time, since I completely messed the ribbon up in this one!
It happens, kids. It still works really well!