Friday, December 23, 2011

It's a Deliciously Alcoholic Christmas

This year's festive treats were more alcoholic than previously made...

Irish Car Bomb cake. I used a generic Devil's Food cake mix, replaced the water with Guinness beer, baked like normal. For the frosting, I found a recipe somewhere on Livejournal's bakebakebake community... Consisted of 1 stick of butter (room temperature), 3 cups of confectioner's sugar, approximately 3 tablespoons Bailey's Irish Cream, 1 Tablespoon Jameson Irish Whiskey.
Hopefully it will be as delicious as it was fun to make!

Next up is Josh's family's "secret recipe" for Jam Sticks. So I won't post that here, but imagine a sugar cookie on meth with blackberry jam. (Postponed until more powdered sugar is acquired...)

Finally is Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cookies. It was originally Mint Bailey's Chocolate Chip, but... I don't have mint Bailey's and I can't reasonably spend $25 on a bottle of Bailey's Mint for a batch of cookies I'm not even 100% sure will be good...

Monday, December 19, 2011

ABC ATC booklet of Love!

I have been working on this freaking project for over a month. I started doing ATCs, I saw the whole "52 reasons I love you" books, and I was inspired.

ABC ATCs of Love!

Of course, I found that thinking of actual ABC reasons is actually significantly harder than 52 random reasons.


B is for Boobs!

Of course.

What else would B be for?!

O is for OKCupid, the site that brought us together.

That's their logo... Just in case you were curious.

Z is for Zombies. One of the reasons he messaged me, mentioned in his first message to me, actually!

The top of it says BRAINS... in drippy letters. I enjoyed making this.

N is for Naked Bitches, and it was actually one I got in a personal ATC swap from gozer on Craftster. It's beautiful! I can't draw people. But we both approve of naked bitches!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Magic the Gathering

This is for a Magic the Gathering swap on swap-bot.

I actually like this, I'm thinking about making it for Josh.

Too bad I don't have any more of this polka dot paper... It really pops the white.

Monday, December 5, 2011

SPOILERS! December ATC Swap

And here's another for my Ongoing December ATC swap partner, mistressH, in the UK. I usually throw in an extra, especially if it's a broad and AWESOME topic like this... So here he is!

My depressed, abused teddy bear.

Urusagalmatophilia: the sexual attraction to teddy bears.
Josh thought he needed a strap on. I think he looks too upset for that.
He has seen things that cannot be unseen.

SPOILERS!Harry Potter Ornaments, Fetishes, Cartoon Characters

This post will contain a lot of SPOILERS for swap partners in Ongoing December ATC swap and Harry Potter ornaments. You have been warned. Look no further if you don't want to know!

We'll start with a set of ATCs that have already been received. In November, I claimed coryjo for Cartoon Character Alphabet, letters P and Z.

Professor Utonium from the Power Puff Girls.

And Zoidburg from Futurama. 

Dacryphilia (or the sexual fetish of watching someone crying/sob) for the Ongoing December ATC Swap. This will be going to the UK, along with another that I have in mind... And haven't gotten to.

These ATCs are for the Harry Potter ornament swap.
Luna Lovegood, Severus Snape, and Ginny Weasley.

Front before ornament-izing.

Back before ornament-izing. I found out I screwed up who Luna is married to... But... I'll fix it. Rolf Scamander... 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cat Troubles

Made for "A Catty ATC" swap on swapbot. My partner loves siamese cats and this was as good as I could get to one... I love it, though! Personally, probably my favorite.

Done with prismacolor colored pencils and a shading tool. <3

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amanda's Issues...

My cousin Amanda is in her early 30s. She's got four cats, two young kids, and a hubby.

She's been in the hospital off and on for over a week.

Last night they went in for a double bypass surgery that turned into quadruple bypass. Then they wanted to put stints in, so they put an additional four stints.
After all that, they were debating sending her to St Vincent's hospital. They FINALLY got that done with the weather. They did a TEE test, like an ECHO for the heart, and decided on putting a blood pump in to relieve stress on her heart.
They have her at the top of the transplant list.

I don't know anything else to do, besides let people be aware and send that family positive vibes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Christmas is one of those times you'd think I'd be posting all the time. And honestly, I should be. But I can't get myself to make more stuff at this point.

I've been making ATCs; I enjoy working on those. But I don't want to do much of anything else.
I've got a Harry Potter themed ornament swap (that went from an easy three points to a more complex 10 points) due December 15th.
The Magic the Gathering swap is due out January 9th, a pretty easy 4 points.
I always over compensate with swaps, so that's the infuriating part. I want to make extras to compensate for what I think is shitty work. I hate my own work. Blah.

In other news, Thanksgiving is Thursday. Yay. Right? Eh... I've got mixed feelings about it.
Chocolate Chip Dip is the goal for my boyfriend's family Thanksgiving. I've got enough for this one batch only. That's the unfortunate part. My family is later in the evening and I'll probably just... Avoid making something for that. Unless the Chocolate Chip Dip is a flop at his place.
Maybe I'll make Drunken Bears for my family. It's something they'd appreciate more, anyway.

Until then, Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares for my boyfriend and myself today. Why? Because we ate a pound of Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge between Friday and Saturday afternoon. It was delicious. With the probability of "Easy" Cheesy Bacon Biscuits for tonight's dinner. But I feel like that's just a side... Not sure what to make WITH it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Here is Pokemon group photo (with Pikachu, Gengar, and Mew), a group of Mustaches, and Pikachu's profile.
All for the Ongoing November ATC Swap.

And my personal favorites for this swap, Cryptozoology. Simple Nessie and a more complex Yeti. (Includes origins and all of its names.)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pokemon, Mustaches, Pikachu, yeti, Nessie, yeti.

The bottom yeti was ruined by Elmer's craft adhesive. Yay...

I've joined the "ongoing ATC swap." There will be many more where those came from.

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's-a me, Mario!

"It's-a me, Mario!"

Done for the Mario Bros ATC #1 swap on Swap-bot.
I love 8-bit Mario games more than most of the other Mario games. Or Mario inspired games.

Made with cardstock, pasted to cardstock, colored pencils, and pen. One of my favorites, I think. I'm sad to see him go!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello World!

Another Christmas gift...

Original idea is found somewhere on Etsy. The code for the "Hello World!" program... Hurray programmers!

Frame was found at Goodwill for $0.99, the fat quarter material was $1.99 on sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics... So all in all, a nice $1.50 gift, as I didn't use even a third of the fat quarter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Round ATCs

So yesterday I decided to give ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) a shot last night.

So here are my Superheroes, Rogue and Freakazoid. Freakazoid is my very first ever. They're just cardstock and colored pencil... No other way to jazz them up at the moment; I have no pens, paints, or stickers because everything's at my parent's house due to the move... I'll eventually go get all of it. Or some of it.

And here's a tribute to Ugly Americans, "Your penis ran away."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Awaiting a Letter to Hogwarts...

So this is a pretty sweet hoopla, inspired from QuirkieCraft's piece. I modified it a bit (or a lot... Whatever...).

I liked the idea of it not being a "letter" tied to his leg, but a scroll. As I imagine scrolls are easier to tie to an owl's leg than a letter.

The mandatory "work in progress" shot. Most things all pinned down and in place. And obviously still able to be modified.

I'm actually proud of the stitching on the wings. The right wing being my best work, I think. Who knew I embroidered better at 2am than anything else?
And the awesome little bow holding the letter to the owl's leg.

Yeah, I like this hoopla.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zombie Make Up Tutorials

It's almost Halloween.
Most people have their costumes by now... But I'm a slacker. And Josh has only celebrated Halloween once, that he remembers. So costumes may be a bit more than ghetto this year...

As I sit here, insomnia on full blast, I think I'll be a zombie for my Halloween party on Tuesday. (Any of my friends that read this are probably shocked.) Wish I would have saved my torn jeans, but, y'know...

So, in light of this, I have decided to share the GREATEST ZOMBIE MAKEUP TUTORIALS OF THE INTERWEBZ!

First up is this very nifty one from 'abandon your idols' on Instructables (which is also a great tutorial site to bounce around frequently).

It's got easy, step-by-step photo directions. Also, most the things needed can be found at a dollar store or CVS/Wal-greens for cheap. And who doesn't love cheap?

The next tutorial is brought from about's section of "DIY Fashion." It's pretty sweet because it includes it's own thing for making "fake skin" along with eight different recipes for fake blood. And who doesn't love different ways to make fake blood?

Enjoyable because it goes in depth with bruising the eyes, painting "sickness marks" with disease outbreaks.

The next tutorial doesn't have a final outcome pictures, but is brought from the site Zombie Place. Their make up tutorial seems to have more household items than any of the tutorials; honey and food coloring for fake blood, tissues glued to your face for the "torn skin" effect...

Of course, there's always the alternative costume... Zombie hunter. Lightly splatter a white t-shirt with fake blood, rip up some old jeans and add dirt, carry a nerf gun spray painted black... Pretty sweet idea, I think.

Josh's costume will consist of me buying a red shirt and using acrylic paint to paint "DRAGON" in big letters and dragon wings on it. I'm productive like that.

(Also, all images were taken from the links provided beside them, they aren't mine.)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kindle Cozy

For my birthday, I got a Kindle. It's pretty sweet. So I needed a sweet case.

This is made entirely of felt, with some reinforcement in the font and back cover.

The front has a tentacle on the pocket, and it can hold a multitude of things; the charging cord, my phone, whatever. And a nice, nifty blue button to match the fabric. =D

I've got another design already sketched out for it.

Eventually I may even actually acquire a sewing machine and redo this for real.

Monday, October 17, 2011

21st Birthday Post

My birthday was yesterday. Not just any birthday, but my 21st birthday. As far as birthday's go, it was pretty sweet. My sister bought me this sweet Batman ice cream cake.
My parent's bought me dunkaroos and an awesome new craft book.
Along with a lot of alcohol. And cake.
Midafternoon was Emily, Josh, and I's adventure to the orchard with a petting zoo. Which sucked this year.

After all of this, my parents met Josh and I up at the casino. Where I lost about $50 after all was said and done and still ended up with more money than when I went in. =D

And to end this post properly, here's a picture of my cat proving he loves my dad more than me now.


<3 Kitteh!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today I decided that since I haven't uploaded anything in a few days, that I would showcase a work that I admire.

This is a quilt made by my great grandmother around 2000 or 1999... For my birthday, this is what I got. At the time, I didn't really appreciate the time and effort that went into this.
I've used it off and on since I received it...

Let's see... If it was 1999-2000... That would make my great grandmother in her late 80s, early 90s. Handstitched, as I've never seen a sewing machine at her house.

But don't fret! I wasn't away doing nothing... Not in my nature, really...  Try not to, anyway!

I've been working on this. Got the original pattern from SpriteStitch. It was supposed to be a bookmark, but they looked too big to be a legit bookmark. Maybe if they were 1/3 or 1/4 the original size.

You can download the original PDF here!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Significant Other Swap, My Side

My Significant Other Swap Package (left to right, top to bottom):
Extra yarn for fingerless gloves, Scarf, Hat, Woodgrain textured fabric, Call of Duty inspired wall-art (mmm... Brains), Mini grenade keychain, and X-Box 360 controller ornament

It feels like it wasn't much, but the scarf and hat killed me. I screwed the hat up around 4 times and had to restart from the mid-point every time. Bah!
The mini-grenade was inspired from full-sized crochet grenades on Craftster and modified to be keychain size. The 360 controller was inspired from an etsy post...
The woodgrain fabric was supposed to go to make a wallet, but I couldn't find a satisfactory pattern online and then my sewing machine is being screwy. Then my mom's was disassembled and I had less than 12 hours to make it... Without a prototype... It made me uncomfortable.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time and Relative Dimension in Space

... or a TARDIS.

It's a phone cozy for Josh's Android. Made to fit his actual case and all that jazz. I don't plan on him actually using it, but it does help me figure out some skills. (And that skill does not include small letters...Yet.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

360 Ornament

After looking around, I realized that I kind of the like flat, 2D ornaments going around. So for my swap, I asked what console her hubby plays the most and got the X-Box 360 in response. I browsed around etsy for some ideas and came up with the following.

It's not much. Just felt, ribbon, and embroidery floss. Simplistic and nice, I think.

Later this week I will unveil the whole swap package! Mwahaha... I've just got one item I want to finish...

Monday, October 3, 2011


This is a dinosaur iPod cozy. I'd been in the mood to make something adorable with dinosaurs, so when my sister was like "make me an iPod case", I couldn't resist! Who doesn't love dinosaurs?
Of course, I may make another in light blue with a mustache near the top, since that's also her latest fad... Hipster...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I tried a meatloaf recipe I found online. I am a fan of homemade meatloaf...
This was a little sweeter than I anticipated, but it was good. (In my opinion, anyway...)
Of course, I'm a fan of For the Love of Cooking's blog. Full of delicious recipes, some actually pretty easy and not just for a gourmet cook! And then there's always My Baking Addiction for dessert.

For a swap I'm attempting to make a hat. Now, every time I make a hat, even if I follow the pattern, I feel like the gauge from it is too big... I'm using the Manly Hat pattern found at Gateaux et Bisous.

I always crochet hats and think "WHY IS MY HEAD SO BIG?!" (in GIR fashion), put the hat on, and it droops off. -_- Really, hands, really? So this time I whipped out the measuring tape and measured the width as I went around. I cut off at Round 9, so I have 70 around instead of 80... We'll see if/how it turns out...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bags of Winning!

I modified this pattern to make both of these dice bags.

Just minor modifications, but a mod none the less. I just a G hook for both bags, but the weight of the yarn on the right is significantly thicker (and softer and nicer looking and I love it...).

The bag on the left was previously mentioned in a post, but I really like the one on the right... (Of course, the one on the right is mine. ;) )

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Find Me

I'm always curious as to how people stumble upon this blog, outside of people who stalk me on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Livejournal. Or whenever I happened to have forgotten I signed up...

The Referring Sites section always makes me giggle. I mean, it's usually Google or Ask...
But sometimes it's something like "gothise", which to me looks something like a ridiculous gothy wanna-be Facebook. And apparently I'm linked or someone's pretending to be me and parade my blog around. Which is fine, but it raises questions... Like who thinks it's a good idea to pretend to be me? I don't even like being me sometimes. And neither should you.
Or somewhere like "Rising Taste". Yeah, a fashion site. What? How am I linked to this? I am currently sitting in a hand-me-down "Evil Dead" t-shirt and jeans I have had for four years, to the point the crotch is almost non-existent...
Occasionally a swap partner from "Craftster" gets ballsy or curious or looking for ideas... But only occasionally.

 And then there's the keyword search. Always awesome. "Arkham Horror" alone brought in 44 people. I love Arkham Horror, cthulhu, H. P. Lovecraft... So this makes me smile. But how many times (with different phrasing) you can find my shitty Misty costume? Not so cool.
Also being known for "baby coffins" is not something I'd brag about. But that is an awesome magazine layout.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Joshua is Part Cat

So yesterday I was going to write a blog post about my boyfriend falling down the stairs to his apartment and landing on his feet like a cat. But then I was like "Maybe I blog too much. I've written 230 posts in 13 months... It's probably a lot. It FEELS like a lot. It feels like I do nothing but blog.

So I brought this fact up to my boyfriend...
And all he says is "The fact that you know what qualifies as "a lot of blog posts" makes me judge you a little... But that's not really a lot of posts... A post a day. Every other day, maybe..."
I was like "But there are times that I post 3 or 5 times a day..."

So anyway.

Yes, my boyfriend fell down the stairs.
Oddly, he managed to fall, turn, and still stay on his feet.
He was able to land on his feet and run face first into the door below.
Face planting into the door below while laughing.
All I hear is "THUD-THUD-THUD!" and manage to watch him fall into the door.

At this point I realize my boyfriend is part cat.
Probably like a half cat, half man...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

D20 Necklace

From this to this!

Because I'm cheap and lazy and enjoy making things...
And it's $20 on ThinkGeek... Or somewhere between $10 and $20 on Etsy...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emergency Craft Tote

This is my emergency craft stash.

I grabbed this from my apartment, thinking it would have everything I need.
Essentially, it does. Embroidery thread, OMG amounts of sewing needles, pinning needles, Aida fabric, felt, embroidery hoops of all sizes...

But now I'm looking...
There's a hot glue gun and glue. A ruler. Stabilizing fabric for fabric I may not actually get to bring here. Like, that mass of white stuff on the right hand side? Is nothing but stabilizing fabric. WTH am I going to do with it now?