Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Piece for Electronic Design

This is my final project for Electronic Design.
I wanted it to fit inside of a pocket, so I constructed it out of an Altoid tin.

Yeah, it's wrapped with giftwrap paper. What of it? I'm not done.
I'm going to modge-modge it with better paper and actually make the business card out of cardstock... And it'll fit into cuts I make into the top of the Altoids box... Oh, I'll have time to finish it, at least...

The box open. Not really beautiful work, but I'll be modgepodging it to death later, I just wanted a rather quick and easy fix at first.

The booklet is tiny, if you can imagine.
It has my work experience, references, portfolio pieces...

This is my "leave behind portfolio" piece, cover letter, and resume all together.

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