Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It IS a Craft Blog After All!

I bet you all were becoming doubtful, weren't you? Since it seems I constantly post things due to a theme. (Or a challenge to myself... >.> )

Well, I have been crazy busy with a swap package AND Christmas stuff. (And homework...) So the swap stuff will wait until she receives/opens and the Christmas will wait until after Christmas (obviously...)... The homework stuff will wait until I have something I'm dying to show you. Lately my work has sucked. (Mainly due to having no inspiration and motivation to do any of it...)

But I did do a tiny thing for myself!
I hate buying new clothes, especially since I'm always broke lately... So I took some of my bigger, older guy shirts and reconstructed them to be more... Figurative. And lovely.

So... Voila!

What you see to your left is like less than a half an hour of work. I don't have a sewing machine and was afraid of utterly screwing it up. So instead I did the "frilled edges" up the side to give it more figure. And cut it to an off-the-shoulder type shirt, without decimating the logo on the front. I thought it was cute, considering I've never done any sort of Frankenstein t-shirt project...

I love this shirt too much to not wear it.
And now I don't look like a boy with it...

RIP you're dead to me
You tore out my Frankenstein heart...

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