Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It IS a Craft Blog After All!

I bet you all were becoming doubtful, weren't you? Since it seems I constantly post things due to a theme. (Or a challenge to myself... >.> )

Well, I have been crazy busy with a swap package AND Christmas stuff. (And homework...) So the swap stuff will wait until she receives/opens and the Christmas will wait until after Christmas (obviously...)... The homework stuff will wait until I have something I'm dying to show you. Lately my work has sucked. (Mainly due to having no inspiration and motivation to do any of it...)

But I did do a tiny thing for myself!
I hate buying new clothes, especially since I'm always broke lately... So I took some of my bigger, older guy shirts and reconstructed them to be more... Figurative. And lovely.

So... Voila!

What you see to your left is like less than a half an hour of work. I don't have a sewing machine and was afraid of utterly screwing it up. So instead I did the "frilled edges" up the side to give it more figure. And cut it to an off-the-shoulder type shirt, without decimating the logo on the front. I thought it was cute, considering I've never done any sort of Frankenstein t-shirt project...

I love this shirt too much to not wear it.
And now I don't look like a boy with it...

RIP you're dead to me
You tore out my Frankenstein heart...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holy Crafting Spree, Batman!

Don't you love it when you just suddenly start cranking out awesome stuff? Seriously, there's probably no better feeling than holding something you've created and finished. Ahhh... I experienced that feeling a few times this weekend!

I typically don't make myself things because I always feel selfish, but I saw this hat pattern and HAD to have one!
Also, the necklaces... The pentacle is from my best friend Corey. And the stones are from my grandpa. Apparently my great grandmother came to him in a dream and told him she wanted me to have them. She got them from a friend; he had found, smoothed, and wire-wrapped them into a necklace for her. 

Finished a cute "Indie" hat Saturday night while watching Bitichin' Kitchen.

(It's good! Pin-up-y, psychobilly, hot-ness with good recipes! And it's located on the Cooking Channel. Not to be confused with the Food Network.)

Here's one made with an awful piece of soft fuzzy brown fabric and BUTTONS. There's like... 70 white/clear/opaque buttons.

I enjoyed this, since I probably can't put up a Christmas tree this year... =(

However, I was inspired by one I found on the internet. I don't have the link for it, but I did save the photograph for inspiration.

Their's is much better of course. But I can't wait to do my own kinda fall-ish one.  (But winter was closer.)

This is my final upload tonight. I should have two more for you tomorrow! ;)

I made these on Thursday, October 28th to hand out to class on Friday... I love me some Halloween treats.

Instructions on making can be found here. (Along with better pictures!)