Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

Yes, sheaple... Sheep + people thanks to Neil Patrick Harris.

Steven on the way to the orchard/petting zoo!

Porquipine at the petting zoo at the orchard.

Steven made a friend at the petting zoo. Donkey!

In case you weren't aware, my birthday was today. (Saturday, the 16th.) It's been a lot of fun. 
I came home early. My sister did my nails. Sleep after some American Dad on a brand new air mattress my parents bought for us. 
Today we woke up. Hung out with dad, eventually mom woke up. So eventually we went to an orchard near Richmond. Daughtery's. I forgot they had a petting zoo! It was  $1! Totally worth it. We walked around. Peacocks, roosters, porcupine, ferret, koi fish, GIANT pigs, foxes, rabbits, and a friggin' ZEBRA.
I ripped my sleeve trying to jump for a picture of the Zebra. Seriously. -_-
Mom buys me and Steven a caramel apple and we're off!
Food is next. Little Sheba's in Richmond. The waiter was a bitch, but the sandwich was freaking AMAZING. I'll never doubt hamburger, mozzarella, and pizza sauce. Om nom nom...
Next out was Hastings. They completely changed EVERYTHING. Now they have comics, posters, action figures... Less of a book store, more of a waste of space. -_- Unimpressed! But Steven did buy me a $2 'The Littlest Zombie' comic. So amazing. And he bought himself a Betty Boop bobblehead, that doesn't really bobble. At all. More pose-y.
And then we hit the flea market. Mom bought me a special gift there. A ring with an amber stone with elephants on either side. =) And then fooooooood. And stuff for the apartment. Looooooove flea markets.

Then we came home. Emily came home around the same time... Went over to my grandma on my mom's side. Saw her "pet cow." (It happens in this family. A lot.) 
Next went to my grandpa on my mom's side. Talked about stuff. Lots of stuff.
Like I want to get into the groove of how I used to be, but I seem to be unable to embrace it. I used to be good at witchcraft, it came naturally. I was awesome at it. Now, I can't do anything. I'm so full of doubt with myself. I can't seem to be able to let go. -_- He tells me I'm unable to let go. I need to meditate and find myself. Poo.

So I leave you with my family (plus Steven) singing me happy birthday. And my dad bought me Toy Story 3 cupcakes for a cake! Om nom...

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