Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A lot of people talk about how "awesome their family is", how "lucky they are". A lot of it is just flattery. We're aware. We know it is. But it makes them feel better.

But! I'm about to write the cliche of all cliches!
My family fucking rocks. If I have a problem, I can call anyone and they'll help me or they'll know someone who can. It's so good!
Today I tell my parents "Hey, I need a laptop for school. I'm gonna borrow Emily's." Instead, they shuck out the money to get me a new one since mine has turned into a piece. I mean, a brand spanking new, 3gigs of RAM... Webcam/mic powered... Annnnnnd a two year warranty.
I'm serious when I say, that's JUST my parents. My cousin was willing to be a cosigner for a $5000 loan for a car. My grandpa has helped buy me furniture, food, and art supplies since I've started school and moved. My grandparents have bought me furniture, lots and lots of food, made premade food, and all kinds of stuff for me. They helped me pay bills and rent. Gave me things to make some extra money on craigslist (so has my parents). I mean, this family really deserves praise when it comes down to it.
That's probably not even half of it, since a lot of my family hates being in the lime-light.

I really do love my family. I don't think they know it half the time, but I'm serious.

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  1. I love your family too, now! And I don't even know them. Yay that you appreciate them and yay that they not only love you so much, but that they trust you too. They know you are not going to abuse the things they give you. Trust working both ways and the relationships get stronger. Love it!