Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Webscripting Homework Post of Dooooooooom!

So I spent all kinds of time coding this. Content could be better, but I worked with what I was given... So, onward!

It's supposed to have a "Splash/Entry page", but that's on my laptop at home... So here's the "HOME PAGE"

This is the "ABOUT PAGE," including a "survey" to fill out that works... Yeah, repeating pictures, but like I said... Work with what you got.

This is the "PRODUCT PAGE." Yeah, the pictures don't click to enlarge. They would on the "Final" one, the one that was supposed to be live. But not for this. Too much, not enough time.

This is the "AVALIABLE CLASSES" page... Including hilariously bad "click here" links.

Marilyn's mini bio page... This is one of the "Click Here" links.

Amanda's mini bio... Her and Marilyn are actually teaching these classes. The next to are "pseudo teachers."

Sheri's mini bio. She's not actually a teacher, but I needed more content on the "Classes" page. She volunteered. Then I forgot the info I needed from her and BS'd this... Hopefully she doesn't take offense to it!

My mini bio. I'm not teaching a "crochet" or "creative ornaments" class. Though I could on both. I love alternative crochet. And weird ass ornaments. And creative uses to recycle. So... But I'm not teaching!


  1. lol... no, I don't take offense at the bio. You did a good job winging it. Nice site. We did not have to do anything so huge for our final last quarter. At least, I don't remember it being that big. Maybe it is because you have the bio pages.

  2. Wow, that is awesome! One of these days, I'm so going to get someone to revamp my blog into a proper website such as that one!