Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hmm... Nerd-dom!

So I got on craigslist today to 1. sell my sword collection and 2. locate broken/free keyboards. I want to make some ornaments with them... Sort of a cheaper gift for my friends/family... Since I'm broke. Less than two hours later, I got an email from a store that sells keyboards for $1. Suh-weet!
(However, I am always looking for free ones...)

Speaking of random things... Only three more character's Jolly Roger on Steven's pillowcase left! Whew! Taking forever!
Other than that, I started an Alien "Facehugger" pillow for a friend's Christmas. 

Steven's talking in his sleep again. o_o Always weirds me out when he does it, I always think I accidently woke him up.

This song. Has been stuck in my head. For two days now. Along with their song "Lullaby."
I blame my magazine project for this! If I hadn't been researching/youtubing the Nekromantix, I never would have stumbled upon them... Not that I'm complaining. 
Apparently psychobilly music stays around forEVER. They started in 1987-88, Nekromantix in 1989, both are still touring all the time.

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