Friday, September 10, 2010

Emily's Business Card Part 2

So the boyfriend came up with the majority of this design and decided to "clean up" the nails I made. Which I fixed a bit more when he got sick of it.

All in all, it's not a fail. So it looks good.

New assignment in Typography is to do an 8 page magazine spread. Woot, woot. Based on a musical artist or band of our choosing.

I have chosen the Nekromantix. A Denmark-based horror psychobilly band.

They started in 1989, after Kim Nekroman (the lead/bassist) decided to start a band after getting out of the Denmark Navy. (Cute goal, huh?)
He designed his very own upright bass guitar out of a real coffin at first. It's been modified over and over for better sound by him, but is still a custom design. (They still don't know if they band is good because of Nekroman or because of the coffinbass.)

Anyway, it's even better because he's married to the lead from the HorrorPops. (And by gods is she hot!) And he's her guitarist in said band. He taught her upright bass and she taught him guitar. How cute! *choke*

Anyway, the reason I chose Nekromantix was because I thought it would be a downright blast to have a nautical themed magazine spread. (Navy and all that... But kinda punky. Scratchy. Rustic is too literal a word for it...)
I'll post sketched ideas later! For now, I go grab drinks!

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