Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christmas on the Brain!

I have a list of things I want to make for people's Christmas... I always do this to myself for some reason. Crafty Christmas for everyone, I hardly ever actually buy things for people. Except kids. And usually I don't bother with them, just their parents about 40% of the time... Because kids you don't interact with are hard to buy for.

That's why my cousin's kids have like 2 or 3 small gifts. All bought. All will be loved.

But really, what I'm inspired by are ornaments.
Let me tell you. I have a pathetic white 4' tree. I bought white because white's like a clean slate. My colored ornaments will shows up fantastically... That's why my ornaments are black and silver, right? Pink and green garland makes it more colorful.
Last year my dad bought me skull and crossbone black garland and some hanging men garland from the dollar store during Christmas. It was then hung in my room until Christmas.
Which was then put on the tree. =) Best tree ever? I think so. Multicolor lights, black and pink garland, hanging men garland, black and silver ornaments...

So instead, I'm thinking I want to handmake a bunch of ornaments this year... Like the following ones. 

This one's really simple... Styrofoam ball, glue, yarn. Spin it around. Poke sharpened rod's through. Attach beads or wind yarn across the top to make a "topper." Voila!

The next one is basically as simple. If not simpler. Spill paint into an open CLEAR bulb. Shake around sparadically. Let dry. Add another color. Let dry. Add different color. Let dry. Repeat until covered/desired colors show. Add top, add ribbon.

This one is also splendidly easy! Collect sand/small shells. Insert into clear bulb. Attach and glue top shut. (Since it will be bottom heavy now.)

All pictures are from Craftster. (Here, here, and here respectively...)

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  1. I love ornaments! Been making and selling them for (ahem) 30 years! I have done something similar to the 2nd one... only with wet paint and swirling it together. Makes gorgeous ornaments.