Monday, September 27, 2010


Hmmm... Not bad for 2am designing...

Friday, September 24, 2010


Why can't I make a good piece of design?!
This is like my 6 or 7th quarter and I design like a spastic freaking child. I have no design background. I hardly am a critic when it comes down to it. I was raised "If it's better than what you can do, it's good." And that's not always true. Sometimes things suck, even if I can't do better.
I'm struggling in a design school because they just assume you have the knowledge or the resources or the brains to figure it out.

I don't know what I'm doing. I feel like a two year old discovering a paintbrush. And then revisiting that paintbrush 20 years later with the same skill level. It's still fun, but damn you know you suck now.

Apparently I am a glutton for punishment. I know I can do this... I just need to learn. Unfortunately that means starting from square one... I need design books. Now.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Cause she's my Nekromantik baby... And I love her soooo...

Next quarter's schedule is as follows...
Tuesday morning - GD 202 - Electronic Design with Steven Williams
Thursday night - GE260 - Research and Technical Writing with John King
Friday afternoon - GD214 - Corporate Identity with Beth Remsburg
Saturday morning - RS121 - Fundamentals of Marketing with To Be Announced

v.v Curses... Two morning classes. And one on Saturday no less! It'll be a challenge, but.. Steven wake up early, so maybe that'll help!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing for Halloween. Started as a joke... But it's actually plausible! (As pictured above) I'm planning on being Misty! Red bag, shorts, yellow top, suspenders... All will be (planned) bought from Salvation Army/Goodwill. =D I'll make some pokeballs and maybe a water pokemon... Totally!

 This is my final one for my typography class. After this, no more revisions!
Page one!

Pages 2 and 3.

Pages 4 and 5...

Pages 6 and 7...

And finally... Page 8!

Now I just have to shift the pages to the correct printing page... Hopefully I can remember how!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

Welp... I do enjoy me some embroidery... But I need some practice. And washable fabric pens. Writing in pencil doesn't work well (or at all) on some fabrics...

Latest creation. (Yeah, it's a super dark photo...) It's on some light blue fabric, stitched in multi-shade yellow and pure red.

Made for a potential swap. May just be kept, since I'm not satisfied with the hands AT ALL... Just means it need to be BIGGER! And actually TRACED and not freehanded.
But I mean... It took me less than an hour.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Webscripting Homework Post of Dooooooooom!

So I spent all kinds of time coding this. Content could be better, but I worked with what I was given... So, onward!

It's supposed to have a "Splash/Entry page", but that's on my laptop at home... So here's the "HOME PAGE"

This is the "ABOUT PAGE," including a "survey" to fill out that works... Yeah, repeating pictures, but like I said... Work with what you got.

This is the "PRODUCT PAGE." Yeah, the pictures don't click to enlarge. They would on the "Final" one, the one that was supposed to be live. But not for this. Too much, not enough time.

This is the "AVALIABLE CLASSES" page... Including hilariously bad "click here" links.

Marilyn's mini bio page... This is one of the "Click Here" links.

Amanda's mini bio... Her and Marilyn are actually teaching these classes. The next to are "pseudo teachers."

Sheri's mini bio. She's not actually a teacher, but I needed more content on the "Classes" page. She volunteered. Then I forgot the info I needed from her and BS'd this... Hopefully she doesn't take offense to it!

My mini bio. I'm not teaching a "crochet" or "creative ornaments" class. Though I could on both. I love alternative crochet. And weird ass ornaments. And creative uses to recycle. So... But I'm not teaching!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Magazine Layout Part 2

Page one is complete!

Pages two and three are also finished... Temporarily... Maybe not...

4 and 5 timeline... It may also get so work done on it... I'm not a 100% on this one.

Pages 6 and 7. Interview and 2010 tour dates (already past but whatev...)
And page 8. In illustrator that's not gray, it's as black as the bats... Hmmm...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hmm... Nerd-dom!

So I got on craigslist today to 1. sell my sword collection and 2. locate broken/free keyboards. I want to make some ornaments with them... Sort of a cheaper gift for my friends/family... Since I'm broke. Less than two hours later, I got an email from a store that sells keyboards for $1. Suh-weet!
(However, I am always looking for free ones...)

Speaking of random things... Only three more character's Jolly Roger on Steven's pillowcase left! Whew! Taking forever!
Other than that, I started an Alien "Facehugger" pillow for a friend's Christmas. 

Steven's talking in his sleep again. o_o Always weirds me out when he does it, I always think I accidently woke him up.

This song. Has been stuck in my head. For two days now. Along with their song "Lullaby."
I blame my magazine project for this! If I hadn't been researching/youtubing the Nekromantix, I never would have stumbled upon them... Not that I'm complaining. 
Apparently psychobilly music stays around forEVER. They started in 1987-88, Nekromantix in 1989, both are still touring all the time.

Christmas on the Brain!

I have a list of things I want to make for people's Christmas... I always do this to myself for some reason. Crafty Christmas for everyone, I hardly ever actually buy things for people. Except kids. And usually I don't bother with them, just their parents about 40% of the time... Because kids you don't interact with are hard to buy for.

That's why my cousin's kids have like 2 or 3 small gifts. All bought. All will be loved.

But really, what I'm inspired by are ornaments.
Let me tell you. I have a pathetic white 4' tree. I bought white because white's like a clean slate. My colored ornaments will shows up fantastically... That's why my ornaments are black and silver, right? Pink and green garland makes it more colorful.
Last year my dad bought me skull and crossbone black garland and some hanging men garland from the dollar store during Christmas. It was then hung in my room until Christmas.
Which was then put on the tree. =) Best tree ever? I think so. Multicolor lights, black and pink garland, hanging men garland, black and silver ornaments...

So instead, I'm thinking I want to handmake a bunch of ornaments this year... Like the following ones. 

This one's really simple... Styrofoam ball, glue, yarn. Spin it around. Poke sharpened rod's through. Attach beads or wind yarn across the top to make a "topper." Voila!

The next one is basically as simple. If not simpler. Spill paint into an open CLEAR bulb. Shake around sparadically. Let dry. Add another color. Let dry. Add different color. Let dry. Repeat until covered/desired colors show. Add top, add ribbon.

This one is also splendidly easy! Collect sand/small shells. Insert into clear bulb. Attach and glue top shut. (Since it will be bottom heavy now.)

All pictures are from Craftster. (Here, here, and here respectively...)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest Magazine Layoutness

Page 1 of 8
(Note this is not a COVER of a magazine, but like the intro to the article.)

Pages 2 and 3.
(Yeah, 3's blank. I'm trying to figure out the best info or pictures for there.)

Pages 4 and 5.
(This is the actual inside/middle of the whole thing.)

Pages 6 and 7.
(Interview and line up change information... That part may get changed to page 3....)

And finally, page 8. 
(It'll be connected to page 1. Hence the similar flowing lines.)

I'm actually throughly thrilled with this! It's probably my best work... Sadly...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Magazine Spread!!!

I wasn't lying when I said something spectacular was going to come out of this project. I'm so stoked about this.

This is page one of my nifty little Nekromantix magazine spread. I'm not done, just did the background and placing of the logo... Needs text added in. (It's not a COVER of a magazine, it's like the layout in the middle of a magazine.)

This is page two. This will be on the other side of page one. It'll have a band description. Unfortunately, no one in that photo but the guy with the coffin bass is still in the band. =/ So I'll have pictures across the top with the latest members, that's just a nice picture from their last album in 2008.
The drummer died in '09. Drunken hit and run accident. (He wasn't the drunk.) And the other guy took off a year before that after their tour.

But that's 2 out of 8 layouts for me!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Emily's Business Card Part 2

So the boyfriend came up with the majority of this design and decided to "clean up" the nails I made. Which I fixed a bit more when he got sick of it.

All in all, it's not a fail. So it looks good.

New assignment in Typography is to do an 8 page magazine spread. Woot, woot. Based on a musical artist or band of our choosing.

I have chosen the Nekromantix. A Denmark-based horror psychobilly band.

They started in 1989, after Kim Nekroman (the lead/bassist) decided to start a band after getting out of the Denmark Navy. (Cute goal, huh?)
He designed his very own upright bass guitar out of a real coffin at first. It's been modified over and over for better sound by him, but is still a custom design. (They still don't know if they band is good because of Nekroman or because of the coffinbass.)

Anyway, it's even better because he's married to the lead from the HorrorPops. (And by gods is she hot!) And he's her guitarist in said band. He taught her upright bass and she taught him guitar. How cute! *choke*

Anyway, the reason I chose Nekromantix was because I thought it would be a downright blast to have a nautical themed magazine spread. (Navy and all that... But kinda punky. Scratchy. Rustic is too literal a word for it...)
I'll post sketched ideas later! For now, I go grab drinks!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Emily Thompson: Nail Tech

My design for my sister's business card.
She's in school currently to be a Nail Tech at the Salon Professional Academy. I kinda like this one so far, but it's sorta naked... >.>
She hasn't seen it yet. Hopefully she'll approve.
Also, she wants a front-back, with prices/what the services are on the back... I'm not 100% sure how to make a business card professional enough with prices on it.. Seems tacky.

I am giving my bearded dragon to my cousin, Amanda. The hedgehog goes to a friend from school, Reba. I have no time, no energy, especially after school and work.
I'm just done with Cirilla's. Love the job, hate the workplace.