Monday, August 16, 2010

Wrapping up The Swaps

So today I was browsing the Craftster site, when I stumbled upon something made of win. Through Craftster, I found this. Nerdigurumi. (It's all free anime/videogame/other crochet patterns.) It's so awesome...
I already have a few gifts plotted out from it. One being the Big Daddy for my cousin, the other being a secret, because he occasionally looks at my blog.

I did some awesome crafting at work yesterday. I finished the Pokeball, it went from being earrings and went into a pendant. (It was waaaaay too big to be earrings. Yeah, light. But they'd be absolutely stupid looking.) I also made a penis-shaped lipbalm cozy.
I tried to work on a "Haunteon" (what this guy imagined a ghost (mainly Haunter) Eevee would look like), but I apparently forgot my needle at home... (Lame!) It never got finished either... I'll probably do it and frame it as a Christmas gift, but who knows?

So this is the finished (made) projects for the Pokemon swap.
-Abstract Umbreon plush (really, she's missing legs, tail, ears, and eyes...)
-Umbreon, Flareon, Eevee embroidery
-Pokeball pendant
-Printed version of Haunteon
-Papercraft (origami) Eevee

I did buy her a few things as well though.
-Pokeball box from Goodwill
-Eevee pin
-Umbreon pin

All in all, it was a good hull, I think.

This is what I made for the Adult swap.
-modded paddle (originally a kitchen utensil from Goodwill)
-modded Domme doll with strap on (originally a Bratz doll from Goodwill)
-Penis lip balm cozy (everything looks bigger in black, yes?)

I had a free soy massage candle I gave to her as well.

I bought:
-Strawberry warming/edible massage oil
-Chocolate Lover's Dice Game
Once again, I like to think I did pretty well. =D

I've sold a few old-school cameras and a lot of (awful) DVDs. 70 of them... So huzzah!

So, now I'm off to watch Batman: Beyond. Which was a fabulous cartoon show.

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