Friday, August 13, 2010

Umbreon! Bento! Life's good...

Today I finally have a piece of artwork to show you! I did this at work last night during the slow periods.

Yeah, an embroidered Umbreon from Pokemon. Pretty much awesome, right? Well, it's not finished either. I'm doing Flareon and Eevee curled up beside it, too.
Steven (boyfriend if unmentioned earlier) drew a Magikarp on a sticker sheet of paper for me earlier. Maybe I'll slap that up in the next one.

Both beautiful artwork pieces are done for the Pokemon swap, ending Monday.

That just leaves me to focus on the adult swap! Which I am almost done with, hurrah, hurrah!

Anyway, moving on... I got asked multiples of times to put up some simple bento recipes after a few of my friends saw my and Steven's bento boxes. All I can suggest are what I've done.

Onigiri (or "Rice Balls") are super simple and really good.. I mean that. Super. Simple.
Filling for a rice ball are limitless! Fish, chicken, veggies, whatever! Salmon furikake is actually a delicious topping.
Mini Quiche have the delicious-ness of a sandwich or calzone in a few easier steps!  Bacon, veggies, chicken, beef, pizza toppings, whatever make this a delicious almost bite-sized snack. (My favorite? Bacon and three cheese. Everything is better with bacon.)

JustBento has three pages of good, delicious, SIMPLE recipes. Most are quick and easily bento transferable.
I just found some recipes at Rice, noodles, spring rolls, snacks, salads, salad dressings, desserts... It looks like something you need to have bookmarked for sure!
My last thing I recommend is following bentobloggy. Cute, healthy, fun tips. Don't want to eat veggies? Just try and make it more interesting!

A fellow blogger and friend (thedigitalhighlife) facebooked me this link to cute bento-ish boxes. They're cute and pretty much personalize-able due to the two sheets of dishwasher safe stickers it sends as well. I mean the portions look tiny, but portion control is what it's about, right? Plus, adding a few tiny containers for sauces and such would save space as well.
Also, as I mentioned, I just use divided Tupperware containers. (Or any knock-off brands) As long as they seal well, it'll be fine.
Or you want a legit bento box for cheap? Try here, suuuuper cheap bento boxes. (They also get more pricey.) And the accessories are on sale as well! Hot dog cutters, veggies cut outs, egg shapers, riceball/sushi molds, sauce containers... The sky is the limit with these!

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