Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pokemon DS (And I WON!)

Yeah, I made this... I had the original opening theme song stuck in my head the whole time!

So today, in like 3 hours, I completed this. I enjoyed working on it... I'm not gonna lie, I was completely inspired by another woman on craftster, (Original posted here.)

All of this is completely hand cut, hand sewn... No measurements taken, just guesstimating and luck. (Bet you never thought you're fabric would go to this, eh, Sheri?) No, the colors don't match 100%. Don't be a picky bitch.

Steven had to buy a new DSi for class on Friday. I decided since it was nice, shiny, and new (and he carries an amazing amount of stuff in his pockets), that it needed a nice, awesome case.

The new, shiny DSi. (Mario and Luigi's "Bowser's Inside Story" version!)

Yeah, it can hold at LEAST two games, maybe three max.

All wrapped up. It's not perfect. Buuuuut... It does look pretty nice, in my humble opinion...

Also, in another note, the Sushi Popper Giveaway by bentobloggy? I won! Haha, I'm so stoked! =D I get two free (entirely free, didn't even pay shipping) on California Roll and Chicken Teriyaki.

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