Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mac Bashing

I don't know if anyone else knows... But I hate Macs. I pretty much dislike anything Apple has created. Considering I'm an art student, this sucks. One things Macs are known for are nice graphics, compact space, and decent digital work. PC is not. So why don't I just suck it up and go with Mac?

Well, there are a few reasons.
1. I find it stupid to have to pay $3000 for a graphic computer.
2. With it's compact design, I'm sure knocking it off and the chance of it overheating are significantly higher.
3. Did I mention $3000?
4. iTunes. Need I say more?
5. Since all my programs are for PC, and Mac and PC can't run the same projects (gods forbid), rebuying all my programs (about $2000).
6. iPods, iPads, iPhones... Ridiculously expensive crap.

I enjoy my $250-$300 PC laptops.
I love Zunes. They are a hardy, nice mp3 player. (I'm not talking touch screens. I'm talking first gen Zune.)

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  1. I am shopping for my first mac and tend to agree with you on many fronts... the main one being the stupid cost of it.