Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...

So two days ago, I get a phone call telling me I'm not going to be able to change majors. I cannot change majors. I cannot go into web design. I want this. A lot. A LOT. So hearing that was kinda... The beginning to a bad, bad day, actually...

So, that was Wednesday morning. I'm just opening the store at work. Sweet. So there's 7 more hours left now.
My manager gets there. I ask about the assistant manager. He tells me it could be two weeks, but he should meet her then.
No. Lying prick. He tells Heather, a co worker, that she has to clean the store tonight because he's interviewing an assistant manager the next morning. (Thursday) So I'm like "Seriously... FML..."
He called today (Thursday) to see "how my school is going." I'm like "Good... I have to petition to make them see I am deserving of another chance to change." "Oh... Can you work Friday, the third?" "Uhm... I have class Friday." "Oh... I wasn't sure if you'd still be there or not." "... Yes. I'm not dropping out. That's stupid." "Oh. Bye."
So. Instead he's officially hired her. I now have to alternate between 1 day and 3 days a week. I barely make rent/bills with 3 days a week. I'm so, so, so very screwed. Very. Screwed.
Yay life!

Anyway, this is my typography homework. A brochure on a designer. I chose Jan Tschichold. He's a huge typographer and revolutionary layout man. 

So here's the front, back, and inside panel.

And here's the actual inside folds. An example of his work, a good quote, a timeline of works, bibliography, and show/dates/information on the four fonts he made.


  1. very nice looking brochure! we were not allowed to use color on ours.

  2. Thanks, he really wanted color this time. I completely revamped it.