Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pokemon DS (And I WON!)

Yeah, I made this... I had the original opening theme song stuck in my head the whole time!

So today, in like 3 hours, I completed this. I enjoyed working on it... I'm not gonna lie, I was completely inspired by another woman on craftster, (Original posted here.)

All of this is completely hand cut, hand sewn... No measurements taken, just guesstimating and luck. (Bet you never thought you're fabric would go to this, eh, Sheri?) No, the colors don't match 100%. Don't be a picky bitch.

Steven had to buy a new DSi for class on Friday. I decided since it was nice, shiny, and new (and he carries an amazing amount of stuff in his pockets), that it needed a nice, awesome case.

The new, shiny DSi. (Mario and Luigi's "Bowser's Inside Story" version!)

Yeah, it can hold at LEAST two games, maybe three max.

All wrapped up. It's not perfect. Buuuuut... It does look pretty nice, in my humble opinion...

Also, in another note, the Sushi Popper Giveaway by bentobloggy? I won! Haha, I'm so stoked! =D I get two free (entirely free, didn't even pay shipping) on California Roll and Chicken Teriyaki.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...

So two days ago, I get a phone call telling me I'm not going to be able to change majors. I cannot change majors. I cannot go into web design. I want this. A lot. A LOT. So hearing that was kinda... The beginning to a bad, bad day, actually...

So, that was Wednesday morning. I'm just opening the store at work. Sweet. So there's 7 more hours left now.
My manager gets there. I ask about the assistant manager. He tells me it could be two weeks, but he should meet her then.
No. Lying prick. He tells Heather, a co worker, that she has to clean the store tonight because he's interviewing an assistant manager the next morning. (Thursday) So I'm like "Seriously... FML..."
He called today (Thursday) to see "how my school is going." I'm like "Good... I have to petition to make them see I am deserving of another chance to change." "Oh... Can you work Friday, the third?" "Uhm... I have class Friday." "Oh... I wasn't sure if you'd still be there or not." "... Yes. I'm not dropping out. That's stupid." "Oh. Bye."
So. Instead he's officially hired her. I now have to alternate between 1 day and 3 days a week. I barely make rent/bills with 3 days a week. I'm so, so, so very screwed. Very. Screwed.
Yay life!

Anyway, this is my typography homework. A brochure on a designer. I chose Jan Tschichold. He's a huge typographer and revolutionary layout man. 

So here's the front, back, and inside panel.

And here's the actual inside folds. An example of his work, a good quote, a timeline of works, bibliography, and show/dates/information on the four fonts he made.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Hate Love Songs

And masterbation. And everything that feels good. Like sex with you.

Oh GWAR, you do make things fun. And amusing. All the time.

So, I need someone who knows the Zune products to give me some help. Really. I'd appreciate it greatly. It's trying to upload to my computer, but something is stopping it.

In other news, I have some new things for Marilyn's website to post! Mock ups of her homepage and product page! I already have some changes in mind for the product page, butttt... Like I said, it's JUST a mock up, so it's alright.

This is a mock up of the homepage. Obviously.
The text boxes say "placeholding" over and over. There is no created logo that I've liked so far... However, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and Paypal all have icons! Woo!

And here is the mock up for her products page. I rather enjoy this one... But I plan to add a third row of items.... There's enough space, that's for sure. (In the middle, not the bottom, sorry.)

That's pretty much all I've been working on lately. But now my Web Scripting is done for tomorrow! And I open at 9:30 in the morning, it's 2:30 now... I'm about to just say no sleep!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Barn Yard Baskets E Card

So in addition to all this other pretty awesome things I do, I do have school work and generic homework.

This is my pride and joy of my websites. I like the warmth it gives. My typography needs a little tweeking... But I do like the general layout and color scheme. My boyfriend helped with the photoshoping of the example-to-full basket, the header, footer look, and general color theory of it. (Okay, so he definitely helped out, you don't understand how much I appreciated/needed it.)
(Clicking it should enlarge it.)

This is based on my aunt's basket guild, Barn Yard Baskets. She wants to start a website, and while this is NOT a website, it gives an idea of the coloring and everything I want to use. (This is qualified as an e-card. It would be something you received from a newsletter you signed up for, regarding sales or other company information.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mac Bashing

I don't know if anyone else knows... But I hate Macs. I pretty much dislike anything Apple has created. Considering I'm an art student, this sucks. One things Macs are known for are nice graphics, compact space, and decent digital work. PC is not. So why don't I just suck it up and go with Mac?

Well, there are a few reasons.
1. I find it stupid to have to pay $3000 for a graphic computer.
2. With it's compact design, I'm sure knocking it off and the chance of it overheating are significantly higher.
3. Did I mention $3000?
4. iTunes. Need I say more?
5. Since all my programs are for PC, and Mac and PC can't run the same projects (gods forbid), rebuying all my programs (about $2000).
6. iPods, iPads, iPhones... Ridiculously expensive crap.

I enjoy my $250-$300 PC laptops.
I love Zunes. They are a hardy, nice mp3 player. (I'm not talking touch screens. I'm talking first gen Zune.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wrapping up The Swaps

So today I was browsing the Craftster site, when I stumbled upon something made of win. Through Craftster, I found this. Nerdigurumi. (It's all free anime/videogame/other crochet patterns.) It's so awesome...
I already have a few gifts plotted out from it. One being the Big Daddy for my cousin, the other being a secret, because he occasionally looks at my blog.

I did some awesome crafting at work yesterday. I finished the Pokeball, it went from being earrings and went into a pendant. (It was waaaaay too big to be earrings. Yeah, light. But they'd be absolutely stupid looking.) I also made a penis-shaped lipbalm cozy.
I tried to work on a "Haunteon" (what this guy imagined a ghost (mainly Haunter) Eevee would look like), but I apparently forgot my needle at home... (Lame!) It never got finished either... I'll probably do it and frame it as a Christmas gift, but who knows?

So this is the finished (made) projects for the Pokemon swap.
-Abstract Umbreon plush (really, she's missing legs, tail, ears, and eyes...)
-Umbreon, Flareon, Eevee embroidery
-Pokeball pendant
-Printed version of Haunteon
-Papercraft (origami) Eevee

I did buy her a few things as well though.
-Pokeball box from Goodwill
-Eevee pin
-Umbreon pin

All in all, it was a good hull, I think.

This is what I made for the Adult swap.
-modded paddle (originally a kitchen utensil from Goodwill)
-modded Domme doll with strap on (originally a Bratz doll from Goodwill)
-Penis lip balm cozy (everything looks bigger in black, yes?)

I had a free soy massage candle I gave to her as well.

I bought:
-Strawberry warming/edible massage oil
-Chocolate Lover's Dice Game
Once again, I like to think I did pretty well. =D

I've sold a few old-school cameras and a lot of (awful) DVDs. 70 of them... So huzzah!

So, now I'm off to watch Batman: Beyond. Which was a fabulous cartoon show.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Umbreon, Flareon, Eevee!

      I updated last time (I think) with the Umbreon embroidery. I embroidered Flareon and Eevee at work today.
     Also, yeah, it DOES look like Umbreon is stepping on Eevee... Poor planning on my part.

    I sort of sketched out some of the poses, but it was mostly freehanded. Which is why it sort of sucks.
   And yeah, Eevee is supposed to be that small, because that's how small she is compared to her evolutions.

So, this is part of my Pokemon swap. I'm also making a Umbreon plush (crochet), Pokeball stress ball, and Pokeball earrings. Hopefully I'll finish it up at work tomorrow. Then the rest of the night is dedicated to the adult swap!

I've got a pattern for a vibrator cozy, penis-shaped lipbalm cozy, testical stress ball, and... Uhm... A small embroidery of a pinup. I'm not sure how I'll pull that off.

Both swaps have to be sent off by Monday. Hopefully I'll pull all this off. I will! Damnit.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Umbreon! Bento! Life's good...

Today I finally have a piece of artwork to show you! I did this at work last night during the slow periods.

Yeah, an embroidered Umbreon from Pokemon. Pretty much awesome, right? Well, it's not finished either. I'm doing Flareon and Eevee curled up beside it, too.
Steven (boyfriend if unmentioned earlier) drew a Magikarp on a sticker sheet of paper for me earlier. Maybe I'll slap that up in the next one.

Both beautiful artwork pieces are done for the Pokemon swap, ending Monday.

That just leaves me to focus on the adult swap! Which I am almost done with, hurrah, hurrah!

Anyway, moving on... I got asked multiples of times to put up some simple bento recipes after a few of my friends saw my and Steven's bento boxes. All I can suggest are what I've done.

Onigiri (or "Rice Balls") are super simple and really good.. I mean that. Super. Simple.
Filling for a rice ball are limitless! Fish, chicken, veggies, whatever! Salmon furikake is actually a delicious topping.
Mini Quiche have the delicious-ness of a sandwich or calzone in a few easier steps!  Bacon, veggies, chicken, beef, pizza toppings, whatever make this a delicious almost bite-sized snack. (My favorite? Bacon and three cheese. Everything is better with bacon.)

JustBento has three pages of good, delicious, SIMPLE recipes. Most are quick and easily bento transferable.
I just found some recipes at food.com. Rice, noodles, spring rolls, snacks, salads, salad dressings, desserts... It looks like something you need to have bookmarked for sure!
My last thing I recommend is following bentobloggy. Cute, healthy, fun tips. Don't want to eat veggies? Just try and make it more interesting!

A fellow blogger and friend (thedigitalhighlife) facebooked me this link to cute bento-ish boxes. They're cute and pretty much personalize-able due to the two sheets of dishwasher safe stickers it sends as well. I mean the portions look tiny, but portion control is what it's about, right? Plus, adding a few tiny containers for sauces and such would save space as well.
Also, as I mentioned, I just use divided Tupperware containers. (Or any knock-off brands) As long as they seal well, it'll be fine.
Or you want a legit bento box for cheap? Try here, suuuuper cheap bento boxes. (They also get more pricey.) And the accessories are on sale as well! Hot dog cutters, veggies cut outs, egg shapers, riceball/sushi molds, sauce containers... The sky is the limit with these!